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Godavari - The Best South Indian Restaurant in USA

Godavari Restaurant offers authentic South Indian food across multiple locations in USA and is considered as one of the best South Indian Restaurants in US. It is established with an objective to serve genuine authentic food from the native villages of Southern India. The young team has delivered on their promise and paved their way from a 70+ seater restaurant to 5000+ seater brand distributed across 25+ locations in US in a very short period of 3 years. Contrary to the traditional approach in the food industry, Team Godavari has clear vision on how technology can play pivotal role in building the brand, maintaining the quality & serving loyal customers. We were engaged with the brand from day-1 and played our 2 cents in creating this successful South Indian Food brand.

Scope of the work

Team Aurora was given the important role of creating the best possible digital presence for Godavari restaurant. We were expected to handle everything from creating a meaningful logo, website development, setting up SEO strategy and manage social media campaigns. The whole activity to set-up, create and maintain the digital platforms should be handled by the dedicated offshore team at Hyderabad. It is definitely a challenge to take up end-to-end responsibility and that too from a business that is on the other side of the world.


Brand identity of an organization is very important to build its visibility and credibility in the community it serves. Once the name & the theme of the restaurant is finalized, our design experts have come up with a concept that resonates with the name "Godavari" and the theme of "authentic food from Indian villages". The logo has a representation of deep rooted Indian culture of cooking on firewood and the beautiful river Godavari. We could mesmerize the customers with a brand design that has fresh energy and corporate look that was not seen for any South Indian restaurant in USA. We have maintained the same theme of colors, concept & style across all the utilities like Restaurant table menu, takeaway menu, bar menu, table mat, interior design and the crew merchandise. The remarkable growth story of Godavari brand from 1 branch restaurant to a 25 branch restaurant in just 3 years is the grand testimony.


Web Application

Next we concentrated all our efforts on creating the best possible digital presence in the form of a website. The uniquely custom designed web application for Godavari has many innovative & first of its kind implementations to provide the best UI/UX designs. Our team has presented innovative design sense in UI & UX and presented a superb food menu design on the website which has won many laurels. Contrary to the general approach, we designed a menu which presents lot more items in few clicks and scrolls. We have developed a fully responsive website that scales seamlessly across all the screen resolutions & operating systems. User experience was the paramount parameter that we have considered while innovating the UI design. We have successfully managed to drive the concept of the restaurant straight to the website visitors, ensure that navigating the website is a pleasant journey. Customers and competitors simply loved navigating the website and our innovative menu design. 


Digital Marketing

Marketing plays the key role in achieving the scale for any organization. The success of Godavari brand is only because of the extensive marketing by Team Godavari and its Management. As a technology partner, we have ensured that brand Godavari has its presence in all the digital marketing avenues. The website is fully optimized for SEO performance and ensured that Godavari appears on the first page of Google search results. Multiple on-page and off-page techniques were used to boot the SEO score and performance of the page. Social Media Platforms were used to reach out to people in the vicinity of the restaurant. We have actively engaged the Facebook audience with innovative approaches, provided new age ad content for digital campaigns, ensured that Godavari appears on the first page of Google search results etc.


Mobile Application

It is good for any business to be customer obsessive in providing the best possible services to their customers. Godavari Restaurant Mobile App – is one perfect example of the customer obsessive approach of Godavari management. Customer satisfaction and customer convenience is of utmost importance. Aurora developed a mobile app to enable online orders from their customers. The app is integrated with the in-store POS system to accept online orders from customers and deliver them at their door steps. Also, we have built a Franchise Management System which helps the team to share the secret formula of unique taste of food at Godavari restaurant. The internal e-commerce system helps the franchises to place orders for required spices and also provides the order status.



Having a dedicated trustworthy offshore partner for your technology development is essential for many reasons. We come onto the table with deep knowledge in technology implementation and expertise in multiple domains like Design, Development, Marketing and others. Essentially we have everything a business may need from technology front. Our innovative delivery models and most importantly our attitude to place the client interest at the fore-front also plays a crucial role in success. You can explore our dedicated "offshore team" model and experience the positive impact on your own. We ensure that distance or the timezone will never be a problem for successful project execution & delivery. If you want to know more about "offshore team" model or about our work, you can contact us at hello@auroraelabs.com.

Our Services

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