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Mordor Intelligence - A Global Market Research Company

Mordor Intelligence is a global market research consulting firm offering in-depth market analysis reports and consulting services. They provide world class services in delivering Competitor Research Reports, Industry Research Reports, and Custom Market Research at affordable points. It is able to provide customised research reports to many industries with significantly short delivery time as compared to the industry standard. The key lies in efficient supply chain management and transparency in the internal processes to empower multiple stakeholders involved providing quality services to the customer. To make its mark in the highly competitive market, the company has embraced technology & deployed scientific approach.

Mordor Intelligence has complete clarity that technology plays a crucial role in scaling the service offerings, expanding geographical spread, providing innovative solutions and improving operational efficiency. We were entrusted with the challenge of creating the technology platform to deliver all the above expectations with the highest possible standards. Their innovative approach to business and technology has always helped to stay ahead of their competition and maintain higher growth rates.

Scope of the work

We have to create a high performing technology platform to deliver the reports to high profile customers with customised UI/UX focusing on responsive design, high speed response time and highest standards of data security. The platform enables the customers to browse, view and purchase research reports that are segregated by industries. Mordor Intelligence stays on top of the market industry with huge number of reports in distinct categories. In addition to enabling the customer, we should also gather multiple data points from the customers to build business intelligence for marketing teams. The entire technology work was entrusted on us to translate functional requirements to detailed technical requirements and deliver results to the business team. 


Mordor Intelligence Website Design and Development


Web Application Design & Development

We had to understand the target customer profile and their expectation before designing the UX for the platform. It was very essential to deliver clean UI and simple UX to navigate and yet represent large amount of data. We have designed the web platform with contemporary look and complete dynamic functionality. The customers were coming from different countries across the world, it demands that we had to display the pricing information in their native currency. It was quite an interesting challenge to track the rupee fluctuations vis-a-vis different currencies & display accurate price to customers. The architectural layout was complete flexible to allow additional functionality at later point of time, to handle high volume of traffic with low latency. Delivering the UI with very low latency was quite a bit of challenge given the vast number of images to be displayed at once.

Compatibility with multiple browsers, complete responsive design across multiple Operating systems and multiple screen resolutions is a mandatory requirement. As the target customers are high profile CXOs of multiple large corporations, data security & privacy is on the list of high priority deliverables. The architecture of the platform was designed carefully to ensure data security & yet provide flexibility to the user while browsing. The target customers are distributed across the globe and this demands the website to be highly SEO compatible. We have ensured that all the pages are built as per SEO guidelines and provided dynamic control on the meta information.

Integrated Systems

As the company grew further, the next set of challenge was to integrate multiple third-party systems to collage related information & provide business intelligence. We have integrated Web-APIs and Web-Hooks to enable data exchange between completely unconnected systems on real-time basis. During this process, we had to carefully architect the solution to ensure that the real-time data interaction does not add unreasonable load to any given system. Business intelligence thus gathered was very helpful to the company in making their decisions based on data. This solution has also ensured that none of the internal departments were required to change their operational procedure thus creating shock proof solution.


Market Research Reports Global Leader


Unified Data Analytics

If the data inside the company is fragmented by departments, then applying Analytics on that data will only give fragmented insights. Mordor Intelligence has decided to break the walls between the departments and apply analytics on end-to-end customer data. It was a great challenge to create such a unified analytics platform and provide complete dynamic tools to define customised workflow and dynamic analytical reports. Unified Customer Analytics is the concept of placing the customer at the centre of Data Analytics and identifying gaps to improve customer journey. Improving the customer experience and delivering outstanding service throughout the journey will help the company to attract more customers. Various advanced data visualisation techniques were used to provide highest possible user experience to the analytical team. 

Dedicated Support

Throughout the entire journey, we have provided a dedicated support team to ensure quick response time and faster resolutions so that there is minimal disruption and maximum customer satisfaction. It is very essential to have a dedicated team which always takes care of the technology systems & continuously improving the performance. 


If you are not in the technology business, it is always advised to stay out of this gambit during your early stage and growth stage. It is always helpful to have an experienced technology vendor as your partner to empower your business with the power of technology. Having a internal team may always complicate things with too many variables to be controlled. As the management sutra says "Focus on your Core Job". You know your business better, we know technology better. Let us worry about your technology, you take care of the business. Contact us at hello@auroraelabs.com if you want to know more.

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