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Create. Market. Improve.

Architecting solutions for businesses with the help of technology

We are here to Create innovative solutions for your business problems & help you Market to your relevant target customers through our Inbound Marketing approach. Once you are off the mark & growing, we Improve the solutions & processes with analytical insights on the customer behaviour to grow your business to higher horizons.

Enable your business with the power of our technology

Product development, product design, branding, marketing, growth hacking and increased revenue generation.

Analyse your customer behaviour with customer data analytics and unified data 
                    analytics, trends analysis, projections & analytical insights

Customer analytics to improve business processes

Understand your Customers from the holistic data known to your organization rather than fragmented analytics. Pooling all the data at a common place & building Unified Customer View (UCV) will drive insightful Customer Analytics & enhance Customer Experience at multiple touch points. Satisfied customers build great companies.

Area of Work

Custom Software Development · Analytics · Custom Chart Builder

AI Powered Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting customer services like never before. Bots will perform the given task exactly in the steps they were trained without taking any deviation. They provide reliable, scalable & cost effective solution for mundane activities of your business. Look out how you can utilize the intelligent machines to improve customer interactions & deliver personalized services.

Area of Work

Chatbots · Google Dialog Flow · Custom Rule Driven

Artificial Intelligence based Chat Bots with automated
                    advanced algorithms & data analytics

IoT, Smart Devices, Solutions & more

Interconnected hardware devices (IoT) combined with the power of Advanced Software Applications is the backbone to build real-time smart systems. We build automated smart solutions for context-specific retail marketing, customized content distribution for large groups, process automation & more by connecting IoT devices (Ex: Beacons or Sensors).

Area of Work

Beacons · RFID · Hardware Innovations · NFC

Branding and Marketing your product the right way

Creating a brand identity needs a mix of Creativity, Customer Psychology & clarity on business objectives. Our research based approach provides consistent branding across all marketing communications to ensure that a unique message is sent out across multiple channels. Brand identity communicates the personality of the company & its products.

Area of Work

Hubspot Integration · Prosper Works · Google Suite Integration

Brand Designing & Brand Marketing to create unique identity
                    along with services like digital marketing, marketing analytics & social media marketing.

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