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Secuark - A Cyber Security Company

SecuArk is a Cyber Security Company that provides security consulting to companies in assessing the security of their digital infrastructure, processes and know the associated risk. It is very important to create awareness on the necessity of considering cyber security as an important activity to ensure that you don't fall into wrong hands. In addition to creating awareness, Secuark provides innovative solutions on how to protect your information, processes & systems that run your business. As your business grow y-o-y, the complexity of your systems is also increasing which makes it difficult to keep up with the challenges of information hackers. The continuous support & domain expert solutions of Secuark help companies to secure their ever dynamic technology landscape from security threats.

Scope of the work

With recent high profile data breach activities, the cyber security service providers are on high demand. To catch on the opportunities, Secuark wanted to re-design its brand to reposition themselves in the market. Aurora was entrusted with the activity of designing a brand identity and the dynamic website to present the solutions & capabilities of the company. 

Brand Identity Design

The first challenge was to design a brand logo for Secuark that symbolises its business activity of Cyber security & yet look fresh & minimal. We have considered to represent the infinite architectural complexities in todays systems with solid structural elements and a symbolic authentication over and above it. This represents the core business activity of securing the client systems that have infinite architectural complexities. Also, the selection of font and color theme is to represent technology and corporate identity. It is ensured that the same theme is carried across all assets like visiting cards, letter pad, notes & social platforms. The design was appreciated by the client & his associated partners for its simplicity, thought process, representation & its appeal to todays users. 


Web Development

Once the logo identity & branding theme was finalised, the next step is to create an attractive & informative website with the best possible UI & UX. We have analysed the competitor landscape & industry standards to know more about what is the expectation of the website visitors & how to capture their attention. The design team has presented a clean design with clear focus on the user experience and the kind of information presented to the visitor. We have built a fully responsive web application that is robust in performance & has high data security. This is fully optimised for all available screen resolutions & standard browsers. Uniform brand identity, high performance & better information presentation goes a long way in improving the digital marketing outcomes. Your visitors tend to spend more time to know about your services & results. 



Application Security

SecuArk is a Cyber Security company that promises to protect the information of other companies. We had to provide high level of data security to this website to keep ethical hackers challenged. The team has tested this application in multiple approaches as penetration testing, cross scripting, ajax security and OWASP framework. 


Team Aurora has spent enormous amount of time in understanding the customer profile, expectation & industry standard. This through research has helped us to deliver minimal & relevant brand identity along with captivating UI & UX. Our systematic approach of understanding the complete picture before dealing with the problem helps us in delivering creative & innovative work each and every time. Now, Secuark has re-branded itself and successfully achieved its goal of changing their image & improving the business prospects. If you are also looking to rebrand yourself to improve your chances of doing great business, reach out to us at hello@auroraelabs.com and we can help you in your journey. 

Our Services

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